Obesity surgery abroad

Diets and diet pills does not help anymore?

“Why don’t I lose weight?” – How many times have you asked yourself that question? You limit yourself to food intake, has been on a strict diet, became best friends with fitness and continues to increase physical activity? Do you, from your own point of view, tried almost everything is possible and impossible to lose weight and get in shape? But the weight goes down slowly? Otherwise, your weight loss completely stopped? What is the reason, that you can not lose weight and what can you do?

in fact, it is possible to lose weight through diets, if you stick to the right diet. Many people find themselves in a vicious circle: losing weight and so the pounds back on, try out different diets (the so-called pendulum effect). Others use diet pills or appetite suppressants, but even in this case the side effects can destroy the desired goal.

Having trouble sleeping and suffer from:

  • sleep apnea?
  • Pain in the joints and the spine does not allow you to be mobile and active …
  • Often have high blood pressure?
  • Diabetes Type 2

All these problems may be due to one thing – OVERWEIGHT!

We want to help you solve your problems with your weight once and for all !!

Salus Medical offers obesity surgery abroad
We provide a safe course where you as a patient in focus

It is due to the foreign inward rates and qualifications of doctors that we offer these operations abroad

You can have subsided an obesity surgery in Poland, among other countries
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There are several types of surgical treatment of obesity:


Performance of surgery:

  • A large part of the stomach is removed
  • Creating a pocket which is coupled to the middle part of the small intestine
  • The amount of food needed for saturation is reduced to less than 30 ml

The procedure makes you very quickly feel full and therefore eat much less. The food passes no longer through the small intestine, and absorption of nutrients and calories reduced. Digestion is also delayed, and how big or small nutrient admitted being determined by the length of the intestine.

The weight loss for patients who have undergone such an operation, it is first year, on average, 40 kg or 75% of your weight.

Full description of the Gastric Bypass surgery


Performance of surgery:

  • About three quarters of the stomach removed
  • Forming a “sleeve” of the rest of the stomach
  • The amount of food that is necessary for you to feel full, reduced and even appetite diminished.

The appetite is controlled by hunger hormone ghrelin produced in the portion of the stomach which have been removed. In combination with the fact that you get full sooner, you can now build up a sensible meal routine without feeling hunger, even if you eat less.

The weight loss for patients who have undergone surgery Gastric Sleeve to lose about 60% of their weight. A weight loss that lasts up to a year after surgery.

Full description of the Gastric Sleeve surgery


Performance of surgery:

  • Through very small incisions in the anterior abdominal wall by using a laparoscope
  • The stomach folds
  • The amount of food that is needed to feel full, reducers

This is a new and promising technique, through which you can achieve a significant weight loss (40 to 70%). An operation performed under general anesthesia and lasts an average of 1-1.5 hours. By itself, the procedure is simple and does not require long term hospitalization. As a rule, the patient’s stay in the hospital is limited to two – a maximum four days. Patients can return to their normal activities within 7-10 days after Laparoscopic Gastric plication.

Full description of Gastric plication surgery


Performance of surgery:

  • The surgeon places a flexible band around the upper section of the stomach
  • Forming a pocket of approximately 30 ml
  • The amount of food that is needed to feel full, reducers

Using a flexible band of silicone around the upper part of the stomach. This silicone band can be filled or drained of liquid through a box that is placed under the skin. By controlling the silicone band can be reduced feelings of hunger. The basic principle is that you should feel full much faster and therefore reduced the amount of food.

The weight loss for patients who have undergone Gastric Banding, in the first 12-18 months will lose about 30% of their excess weight, which is a little slower weight loss than other methods. Over time, these patients lose up to 50-60% of their excess weight after about three years.

Full description of Gastric plication surgery